Early Church History

Recruiting the Apostles

As Jesus traveled throughout the land, he recruited a group of ordinary men to help him spread the Good News of salvation to all nations. These men, known as the apostles, were not powerful men, but rather flawed and considered lesser than by those in power. Yet still chosen by Jesus to be his closest followers and to help him carry out his mission. They were fishermen, tax collectors, and other ordinary people, but more importantly they were sincere men, who most importantly, were willing to leave everything behind to follow Jesus.

Using a variety of methods, Jesus convinced the apostles to follow him. He spoke to them directly, using parables and other teachings to illustrate his message and persuade them to understand his teachings. He also performed miracles and healed people, showing them the power of God at work and convincing them of his authority and divine mission. In addition to these methods, Jesus also used personal relationships and appeals to the apostles’ own desires and passions to inspire them to follow him.

For example, when Jesus called Simon Peter, a fisherman, to follow him, he said, “I will make you fishers of men.” This statement spoke to Peter’s own profession and passions, and effectively convinced him to follow Jesus. Jesus also used personal relationships to inspire the apostles. He spent time with them, eating with them, and sharing with them his own life and experiences. This helped to build trust and a sense of connection between Jesus and the apostles, which made them more receptive to following him.

The recruitment of the apostles was not always easy, and there were times when they struggled to understand Jesus’ message and follow him. However, despite these struggles, the apostles were ultimately convinced by Jesus’ message and the power of his miracles, and were inspired to leave everything behind to follow him. They became Jesus’ closest followers and helped him to spread the Good News to all nations.

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