Where I Might Find Him

An Overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

“Oh, that I knew where I might find Him, that I might come even to His seat!”

I grew up in a church that knew everything there was to know about the Bible, or so I thought.  A group of people who I believed knew everything about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  The members of this denomination have always been, and continue to be, notoriously confident in that belief as well.  They would shake their Bibles out in front of them, telling complete strangers (but also friends and family) how sure they were that they were going to hell.  I found, as I grew up, that this approach seemed counter intuitive and made absolutely no sense.  Not so much the idea that there is a hell, but the approach of taking an old broom out of the closet and beating people into submission.  where-r-you-goingIt rarely seemed to work, and seemed to cause more anger, disdain and distrust on both sides of the shaking Bibles.  In my own arrogance, however, I began to reject God based on the approach of these men.  I assumed that I could not understand the Bible any better than them, but also understanding that there was much hypocrisy in what they believed.  At 13 years old I rejected my parents so completely that I had snuck out to a book store and purchased a Satanic Bible.  Fortunately after reading the mere 130 pages, of what amounts to an extreme atheistic, and secular humanist perspective, I found it to be shallow and unsustainable.  I pondered, If everyone believed this way what would the world be like?  Not a world I would want to live in.  From that time on I would explore different beliefs, theologies and philosophies.  I had explored everything from Witchcraft, to Buddhism, to Psychology.  Eventually, I settled into the same thing everyone in the United States settles into when they stop caring.. Agnostic bordering on Atheist.

My spiritual awakening began at 27 years old.  God began to call me, I began to notice people speaking about God, and found myself listening, and eventually interacting.  I had developed my own philosophies at this point, and began to enjoy “waxing philosophical” with people as the subject came up.  Fortunately, I had never made myself an enemy to God, so I was able to hear his voice as he would talk to me through others.  I became intrigued, but eventually, I had an experience that turned my life around.  The turn around all started with a Bible study that I couldn’t resist.  An Overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

The Bible: A Book for Paupers and Kings

Old Farm HouseI had once heard about a family who was very poor.  A mother and her two daughters lived in a old 19th century farm house in an overgrown plot of land.  They struggled to make ends meet, as their farmland wasn’t able to produce like it once had.  After her husband passed, there was no longer anyone that could work the land properly.  They could barely make ends meet, and they struggled to survive.  Years went by.  One day, the two daughters convinced their mother to let them clean out their father’s attic and sell anything that might be of value.  As they were cleaning, they ran across an old trunk.  The trunk was too heavy to move, and had a primitive lock keeping it from being opened.

“Oh scrap it” their mother said, “it’s probably more junk”.

“But there could be something valuable inside” said one of the daughters.

They fiddled with the lock, and finally struck it with a hammer… It opened.

When they lifted the lid, their faces were lit with a gold light.  “Something is in…”  She couldn’t speak.  “Gold?”  she muttered  “OH My… MOM… GOLD!”  She jumped up and began to scream. Their mother reached down into a pile of gold coins and precious jewels, scooping out handfuls and running them through her fingers. The Sisters couldn’t contain themselves and began jumping up and down and giggling.

Their mother had a moment of pure joy… but then put her face in hands and began to moan  “This whole time, this has been here this whole time!  Through all of our struggle, through all of our pain, the solution to it all was right at our fingertips!”

This is the same story for millions of people all over the world.  We have the solution to everything right in our house, literally at our fingertips, and we don’t even know it.  If only we would give everything to open it and unlock it, the Bible is like a safe holding a treasure that can change our lives and save us all.

I want to help you “unlock” the Bible so you can have the treasure that the book promises, to find the truths hidden in plain sight, that God wants to tell you about.

In our first study we will begin with a basic overview of the Old Testament